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About Us

National Pharma Pack commenced operations in 2004 with a simple goal; to make it easier for entrepreneurs and companies to break into the health food market.  Since then, we have grown to become a leading Australian-made and owned contract manufacturer of natural supplements, vitamin & mineral products, food-grade products, natural cosmetics, and beauty products.

We undertake contract manufacturing for private labels, providing clients with a broad range of services including research & development, packaging & label design, domestic & international regulatory compliance, raw materials procurement, quality control, manufacturing, and supply. Our broad scope and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction have cemented our reputation as a major player within the industry.

Our Mission

We aim to make it easier for entrepreneurs and firms to enter the complimentary medicines industry, by simplifying the complex processes that manufacturers must go through to break into the market. From research & development to quality assurance, we are there every step of the way for our customers.

Organisational Chart

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

General Manager

Laurence Dam

Warehouse Department


Quality Assurance Department

Henry Dam

Operation Department

Fang Tran

Sales & Marketing Department

Cella Tran

Account Department

Peggy Chen

Production Department

Jacob Zhao

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